Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sept 13th

Grateful for company!

I just don't do well with straight days of isolation.  Yesterday was an ace day.  I got lots of work done and some sewing.  Today - today, the kittens weren't cutting it for company.  Not even comfort food of jam on toast with a cup of tea helped.  I really didn't feel like venturing out in the car again (once a day is enough some days).  All I wanted was for 5pm to roll around and have the house filled with company again. 
Days like this I miss having telly connected.  It can be enough just to have noise happening in the background, without actually sitting down to watch it.  And no, the radio isn't the same because I can't *see* them.  See?  Different.  Although, speaking of radio, after three happy years, I'm calling it off with my digital station, Koffee.  Too repetitive and the songs are mostly slow and quite melancholy.  I think it maybe influencing my mood detrimentally.  So, despite the fact that I despise advertisements and they are the reason I switched to digital in the first place, I'm back on commercial.  At least the songs are chipper!

I'm thinking it's time for an excursion.
A day trip into the city tomorrow is on the cards.
Which means, a 6am yoga class if I want to get the most out of my day.
There's a very special yarn store my friends keep raving about that I'm dying to explore.
And it's been a while since I visited my favourite bookstore.
And lunch with my beloved, I think!
Can't wait!

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