Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sept 18th

Oh so grateful, to be included in a celebration, marking a young woman's transition from girlhood into womanhood.

Could you possibly think of a better way to spend an afternoon?

Her mother did an amazing job of holding it together (I'm a complete wreck when I just *think* of Lucy's time).  The womb tent, the red-inspired feast, the red beanbag throne - the atmosphere was magical.  And the gathering of daughter, maiden, lover, midwife, mother and crone goddess-energy in the space was enriching and potent.  To have so many women (and girl-child!) who currently embody those archetypes, all present in one space was powerful indeed.

The wee woman being celebrated wore a continuous smile (when her face wasn't overwhelmed with tears), as she received blessings, cloth pads, beads for her menses bracelet, a flower wreath for her hair and many, many kisses.  The kinship connection between our wee woman and her two friends was a privilege and pleasure to witness.  Girlhood intermixed with burgeoning womanhood - such a tricky time of identity definition, so incredibly important to have sisterhood to travel the road with.

Today was such a refreshing, beautiful ceremony and gathering.
I am utterly grateful to have been asked to join the celebrations.

Congratulations Montana, on meeting your wisdom.
Many blessings to you as you practice your wisdom through your upcoming years of menses.  Thank you for inviting me to share in today with you.  It was truly wonderful and I will remember it always.  Much love xxx

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