Friday, September 30, 2011

Sept 30th

Today was filled with lots of little wins.

The habitual tidy before the marvelous Deb arrives at 12pm to give the house a once over with the vacuum and cleaning cloths (so, SO grateful for her help).  It is the most wonderful feeling leaving a tidy house and returning to a CLEAN and tidy house *sigh*.

A coffee and lunch date with one major and three mini spunkalicious women.  I think there were more toileting trips than completed conversations, but that's the beauty of having friends with babes.  You learn how to pick up where you left off 10 minutes before.  And you marvel at your skill at conducting a conversation while walking away from the person you're talking to, twisting your neck at the craziest angle, being dragged by a "busting" button, until you're no longer in eye contact - and still finding it all so very normal in the scheme of conversation with kidlets in tow.

Two luxurious hours spent in the library, reading to the point of being hoarse!  Then playing strategic games involving transporting yourself from one end of the kids library to the other stepping on only the orange squares, then only the blue and grey squares, then only the yellow squares.  I loved having an eight or nine year old boy invite his way into our game by saying out loud, in our vicinity, to no one in particular "I wish someone would give ME a challenge".  Bless.  He was giggling with glee leaping from one square to another, completing his challenge as his Dad arrived from another section of the library to collect him.  It was lovely to see the smile on his Dad's face spread as the realisation dawned on him of what was happening.  To share space with a child with such inner joy and confidence, to seek play wherever it may be found, had me smiling for hours.

Lots of sorting and boxing up of Lucy's clothes of years past.  The letting go of feeling the need to receive monies in exchange for the items.  Instead, feeling good that they will be well worn and well loved by more gorgeous girls in our community.  And I do so love seeing a button I adore dressed in an item that I loved so much on my very own button once upon a time.

The setting of the intention of an alcohol-free month ahead.  And creating an online support group, encompassing many people battling demons of their own, also seeking the support of others moving through a similar transition of giving up their poison of choice.  Support groups are twofold wonderful.  Support and accountability.  I feel this month ahead will be more difficult for me than this month past in my yoga challenge.  I will approach it as I approached yoga.  One day at a time.

I was looking at images of yoga today and the strangest sensation came over my body.  It felt wanting.  I was physically craving the postures I was looking at!  So completely bizarre!  So, while I have enjoyed not having to time-manage a practice today, I'm quite missing the physical work out.  And I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow morning, 9.30am *smile*.

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