Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept 9th

Grateful for the final few things scattered about our house finding their place today.
Grateful for weekly help with cleaning.
Grateful for 10c lemons!
Grateful for the rain and hail to remind me how much I'm looking forward to summer!

Grateful for Ben coming home early from work (again) to mind my child.
Grateful for the relationship my child has with Ben, so that this is even possible.
Grateful for my body finding the strength to complete my ninth practice in a row.

Grateful to be included in a gorgeous ritual for a first moon maiden.
Grateful for access to beautiful fabric and online cloth pad patterns gifted for free.
Grateful for a fabulous sewing machine that I saved and scrimped for (including birthday money *laugh*) two birthdays ago.

Grateful for snuggly, warm, tight bedtime cuddles.
Grateful for leftover apple and strawberry crumble.
Grateful for creme brulee flavoured black tea.

Grateful for sumptuous company at the end of a very full day.

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