Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sept 3rd

Found my body a little stiffer in places today, during practice.

I wondered how I would fare, practicing so soon after the previous class.  It was a beautifully seamless class.  Lots of newbies, which can mean postures held for longer as form is subtly corrected with some.  But our teacher kept the rhythm of the class like the predictable beat of a drum.  Postures released at the most perfect moment at the height of energy expenditure.  I was very much in flow with her dialogue today.  And I was practicing alongside one of my most favourite students to practice with.  With some people, your energy just melds.  And in yoga, you can't help but share energy in a room.  You are all moving at the same time, exerting at the same time, breathing at the same time, relaxing at the same time.  Strong energy in a room can help give you strength when you're feeling flat.  A student holding a balancing posture next to you can help prevent you falling out yourself.  It's a beautiful thing.

I walked out of that class feeling like a million bucks!
And I raced home, eager to be with my wee family.
I had barely turned the key off in the ignition, when through the open door I heard "Mama!  Mama!  It's our song - quick!"  It started months and months ago, one particular song which I loved was on almost every morning and I would lift Lucy up into my arms and we would dance around the kitchen together, singing and dipping.  I didn't recognise this particular song this morning (and I recall not remembering the last song I was quickly summoned to the kitchen for *smile*) - nonetheless, she was swooped up into my arms and we danced around the kitchen.  "I missed you, Mama" she whispered as she nuzzled into my neck.  *Melt*

Our afternoon was spent surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the botanical gardens, relaxing in a cocoon of swoony love.  A dear friend asked a beautiful woman to marry him this morning.  She said yes and we were invited to an afternoon of bubbles, lovin' and laughter to celebrate with them.  And love really was in the air... what with the sunshine, the blossoms, the birds and the bees.... Gosh I adore spring.

Huge congratulations Ricky and Goknur.
We're so very excited for you and so wonderfully pleased you'll be calling Melbourne home (our expatriate family is swelling!).  Thank you for sharing your amazingly special day with us.
So many blessings to you both.

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