Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sept 14th

Best laid plans and all that. :oD

I'd actually changed my mind by this morning, about my outing, as I was feeling in the mood for working - creative juices were flowing.  Was just making my morning smoothie after getting home from yoga when I received an SOS call from a friend.

Two hours later, I was sitting in the car knitting, while waiting for my friend to complete her errand, when I decided this mama needed some time out.  Her eyes said it all when fifteen minutes later, I suggested plans for the next few hours.  Excellent.  Children minded, party shoes on and it was off into the city to lose ourselves in the most exquisite yarn store our town has to offer.

Now, I say that purely based on reputation.  Because up until this point, I had never stepped foot inside the store myself.  As I approached the entrance, I felt like one of those children in the movie, standing inside the doors of Charlie's chocolate factory.  It was a definite "wooooooooow" moment.  Inside, I was just as intoxicated.  The colour!  The texture!  The variety!  Oh my!  Ben arrived 15 minutes later and my eyes were still as big as saucers as I dragged him from one display to the next, ooooohing and ahhhhhhing.  He was more than just a little amused.

I was very much sold on the delicious 100% silk yarn which was just the ticket to crochet the fishnet stockings I found a pattern for (I KNOW!) - and if the yarn had been in red or black, it would have been a done deal.  Baby pink however, was not really what I had in mind.  Instead, I left with these:

Intended for another knot doll (special request by the mama) for a wee babe due early next year.  A rainbow baby doll for a magical wee babe.  Perfection.

We couldn't leave the arcade however, until we had perused the craft section of the SHUGE bookstore downstairs.  I made a beeline for the nutrition section (as always) and returned to find a scene to warm my heart:

As Ben observed, a bookstore is the only store where other shoppers quite happily (and respectfully) step over and around people blocking the aisles (rather than asking them to move).  It's an unspoken understanding *smile*.

Then it was dinner, wine and conversation at our favourite city Greek establishment.  We had a wee giggle at one particular beer on offer *smile*.

A gorgeous afternoon and evening with sumptuous company that I felt very blessed to be a part of.  Very grateful for beautiful friends that delight in shared passions.

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