Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sept 8th

I am so unbelievably tired, I feel quite incoherent, so please forgive if I start to ramble.

I've read back on a few posts and they really are lacking in any kind of literary lustre.  Not that I'm claiming to be any Ernest Hemingway, but still, I like to think my posts are mildly entertaining.  Please bear with me.  I promise more come October (after about the third or so, as I imagine I'll be sleeping for two days straight after the completion of this freakin' ordeal I have committed myself to).

So I did go to yoga this morning.
After a hideous night's sleep - I think I was terrified the alarm wasn't going to go off.  I kept waking and wondering the time.  I asked Ben to check at 3am (after which he was unable to get back to sleep and got up to work).  I slept fitfully until 5am when he came in to wake me.  I could barely get my arms up to my ears in half moon (let alone behind them).  Energy seemed to pick up once I hit the floor, but boy was I glad when we hit final savasna.  I think I lay on the floor in the dark for about five minutes before dragging my carcass to the showers.

Picking up my button was the highlight of my week - but oh my, do almost five-year-olds have endless energy!  Thankfully she's a stay-at-home kinda gal and I had a house that needed attending.  So we hung out all day at home - and it was marvelous.  There was dancing in between the floor clearing, painting in between the surface clearing, strawberry planting in between the paperwork sorting.

 Dancin', babywearin' style!

And I finally did today, what I have had intention towards doing for months.  LOVE it when that happens!  I began our wall of lovin'.  Cards, letters, poems and mementos given to us from loved ones - too beautiful to dispose of and too inspiring to bury away in a drawer.  

It makes me smile every time I walk past it (which is often, as it's in the hallway between the living and sleeping quarters).

I enjoyed TWO glasses of wine tonight, as it kind of feels like a night off.  Practice tomorrow is a 6pm class - a break my body is very much looking forward to.  In fact, I'm already thinking of ways to bribe my child to stay in bed with me for as long as possible tomorrow morning.... perhaps I'll pull out the big guns and stow the ipad under the bed *smile*.

Oh - and something I was grateful for two days ago, but forgot to post about.

Free protein powder samples, courtesy of Raw Pleasure.
Best stuff on the market, in my personal opinion.
Very excited!

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