Monday, September 26, 2011

Sept 26th

It seems dark moon energy is working its magic with me, with us, this month!

A brand new business idea sparked out of pleasure and passion this morning, lying in the sun on the trampoline, sipping our morning elixir.  Very exciting.  And the funny thing is, we've already started doing it.  Next stop is opening it up to others.  More info in the new year we hope!

We arrived home around middayish, from our overnight soiree.  Ben left for work not long after our business idea revealed itself and I attended the Apples and Ovaries garden for a short time.  After that, it was out into the burgeoning vegetable garden to continue planting and finish up mulching.  The sunshine was just too irresistible and the seedlings were calling to be removed from their shallow tubs and plunged into the depths of the rich, warm soil of the beds.  A cry I could hardly deny.

Considering I wasn't working, I sent a call out to the village, to see if anyone felt spontaneous enough for a last minute catch up.  I was delighted when two families arrived not long after!  There was planting then mulching, interspersed with cake and bubbly water, alongside much nattering.  Glorious, glorious.

Company departed giving me enough time to prepare for my evening practice.
A full and rich day, filled to the brim with creativity, love, nurturing and pleasure.
A perfect synergy of spring shadow moon energy.

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