Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sept 11th

Tonight I'm feeling grateful for an incredibly strong body.

11 consecutive days now, I have asked more than I have asked in a physically strenuous sense ever before and today I felt stronger than ever practicing the 4pm class.
I have done a three-day weekend in the garden.
I have done a three day labour prior to childbirth.
I have done a week long trek with a backpack containing all my necessities, through the bush.
This challenge is already way past any physical endurance test I have set for myself.

Class tonight was pure magic and harmony.
Our teacher was present and focused.
Her dialogue was perfection, her timing spot on.
Energy in the room was strong.
I felt like I almost levitated off my mat after my final savasna.
I glided out the door and flew home.

I have noticed, than when I walk now, I feel incredibly light.  Like I barely touch the ground.  I don't feel any kind of heaviness.  It's like my quads brace and absorb all impact.  Like the top half of my body isn't even connected, such is the lack of sensation from walking.

My skin is radiant, noticeably so, apparently.
My energy (to those who are sensitive to that sort of thing) is breezy and light.
Apparently, I look different.
I certainly feel different.  The way I move.  The way I use my muscles.  Crouching to pick up a towel.  Balancing to put on my socks.  Standing up.  Sitting down.  Effortless.  Wonderful.

I'm grateful for the completion of our garden infrastructure done by Ben today.  All he asked was that I keep him company as he drilled, dug and bolted.  My needles, yarn and I were all too happy to oblige.

Oh - and one other thing I'm amusingly grateful for - how the waitress at our current regular restaurant says "two glasses of Pinot" mostly conversationally, as she's handing us the menus, rather than in a querying way.  I can barely contain my pleasure at this small, but significant example of exceptional customer service. 

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