Monday, September 19, 2011

Sept 19th

Grateful for overcoming procrastination today.

Lots of little loose ends were tidied up and it feels ace to know that they're done.
Two phone calls pertaining to gathering of tax receipts that have been put off and put off - done!  Now I can submit my tax.  Yay.

A long overdue appointment booked with my chiro to take a look at the issue in my back.  I *think* it's just a soft tissue injury.  Praying really hard it's not structural.  Hopefully x-rays won't be needed to determine.  It does seem to be getting better though (for once, ignoring it and hoping it will go away is actually working out for me!).

Withdrawing funds and closing an online investment account, to redistribute monies in other directions.  With the next focus on finding a different fund altogether.  Have been wanting to do that one for a while now.  That one feels particularly good.  Playing with a few numbers and it turns out, with dedication to a new mortgage payment plan, it could be paid off in seven years, instead of 29 - saving us $350 000 in interest payments.  Holy macaroni.  Reeeeeally makes you try hard not to think about how much cashola has been frittering away the past few months, unaccounted for.  Have you read Anita Bell's "How to pay your mortgage off in five years or less?" Valuable food for thought.

I'm feeling suitably cleansed after today!  AND I'm down to ten days remaining on the challenge *grin*.  Go me!

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