Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sept 6th

So, day six is done and I'm a little baffled by something.

I thought the biggest challenge (in all honesty!) was going to be the mental challenge.  My body knows the postures and knows how strenuous it is, so I didn't actually think that part would be a challenge.


Off on some fairy lala land, obviously.  Newsflash!  Pushing your body to extreme physical limits for 90 minutes in a 40 degree room, every day is going to be challenging!  In case you hadn't already gathered, today hurt.  I struggled with effort today, pushing to my limit while in the posture.  And I struggled with the apparent backward direction my limberness seems to be taking!  What's with that?  Aren't I supposed to be getting *more* flexible?  Not today.  Today, my back ached like a creaky gate in need of oil.  Even bending forwards, head to toe after a sit-up ached.

le sigh.

Suck it up, sweetheart.  You're only coming to the end of week one!
It will be fine.  Although I was thinking in the shower after class, that I'm getting a bit bored with the dialogue.  Yes, yes, hands over my head sideways, I know.  Yes, yes, roll forward like a wheel, until my forehead meets the floor, I know. *laugh*  I imagine I'll know the dialogue as well as our teachers by the end of the 30 days. *smile*  Boredom is possible.  Quitting is not.  I can have a real 'sooky lala' attitude sometimes, when things get hard.  I hear my inner child whining "I don't wanna!".  And because that was never an option for me as a child, my adult(?) self tends to enable that cop-out desire - and I do, more often than not, cop-out (you'll recall my previous posts on commitment issues).

This blog itself has been testament to maintaining a commitment (and I'm quite chuffed actually *beam*).  This 30 day one though, is a little different... for starters, I can't do it from the comfort of my own home!  Anyhoo.  Yes, today was hard.  Tomorrow is another day.

Have been feeling a bit of cabin fever, so the man and I went out to see a film tonight.
Lovely feel good one - One Day (I think it's called) with Anne Hathaway (have you noticed that woman has legs for Africa!  Gorgeous!).  Just the ticket.  And tomorrow, I've decided to take the day off.  The house needs order and my mind is a bit scrambled as a result of my environment.

And I realised this blog hasn't had pictures for a few days!
Perhaps I'll go shooting tomorrow.
Or perhaps I'll just settle in with one of my books on the go, once the house is in a reasonable state.  Or perhaps I'll work on the logistics of a study I have been planning for a few years now - interest seems to be peaking.  Or perhaps I'll delve a little deeper into the idea of furthering my study...
Much to contemplate.

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