Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sept 7th

Three quarters of the way through my class this morning, I had pretty much decided I was taking tomorrow off.

The class was great - dialogue was on cue, energy was strong in the room, I felt strong going in - it was a perfect line up.  I just got tired.  I got a serious "I need a break" feeling.  Particularly with the thought that tomorrow's class will be a 6am start (5am get up).  So then what happened?

 I got home, had food and took a book to bed to rest the bones for a bit.
I had a huge line-up for the day but my body was screaming for a lie down.
Well, the book was never opened and neither were my eyes - for nearly three hours *blink blink*.

I was roused from slumber by a kitten mewling in my ear (for her dinner as it turns out).The light   outside looked odd.  I got up and checked the clock and was dismayed at the complete loss of day!  Three minutes later, a motorcycle rumbled down the driveway - Ben was home.  I was incredulous.  And immediately smacked with guilt.  The house was still a bombsite.

I felt energized at least, and set my intention to use my renewed strength to tackle the house.  I had just finished my beer and was about two minutes into my tidy-up when I received an SMS.
"Fancy dinner tonight?"
I looked at Ben.  He smiled and said "anything to delay the inevitable, huh?"  So, it was into the shower and out the door for my dinner date with a gorgeous woman.

Yes, I'm one of those people that will always choose pleasure over monotony.  Spontaneity over predictability.  Some may see it as procrastination.  Perhaps.  I see it as prioritisation.  The house and its mess will still be available for my attention tomorrow.  Dinner with a gorgeous woman however, may not be.

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