Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sept 1st

Happy Spring!
And happy first day of the Bikram Yoga Peninsula 30 day challenge!

Alarm buzzed at 5am.
Rolled out of bed at 5.15.
Guts unhappy, but not as pissed off as I thought they'd be.
Two superfood shots downed.
Out the door at 5.30am.

Huge buzz of energy in the studio when I arrived!  Which of course feels odd when the rest of the city is still mostly sleeping.  One of the busiest 6am classes for a while, I'm told.  Check in with another 30 day challenger who due to family circumstances, is already feeling the impending weight of our undertaking.  Psyche myself up in the mirror with a quick stretch.  Lie down in savasna and await the teacher to lift us from our mats at 6 on the dot.

My body has been practicing for long enough now, to be mostly familiar with the general length of time a posture is held.  This morning, it was growling.  A few newbies in the class meant the dialogue was interrupted at times, mid posture, to correct a student - leaving us holding the posture for seconds longer than our muscles tell us is the norm.  First opportunity to call on the centering benefits of the breath. 

An intention set at the beginning of class to push through the fear of locust and give 100% effort.  I do and by the second set I'm ready to throw up, such is the pressure on my chest at stifling the stirring and rising emotion, as I rest in savasna.  I sit up, unable to handle the pressure of lying on my chest and stomach.  My teacher reminds me the best place for me is savasna.  I feel like I'm either going to throw up or cry.  For the second time, I call on the centering benefits of the breath, lie back down in savasna and manage to do neither.  Next posture calls.

I reflect on my practice in final savasna.  I lost balance and fell out more than usual.  I felt messy, unfocussed and weak in certain postures.  But I also achieved day one of my first yoga challenge and that gave me a grin from ear to ear.  Celebrate your wins, eh? :oD

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