Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11th

Why is it, that just when you've got all your ducks in a row, all your cards laid out, all roads leading north - the universe throws you a spanner?

Why is it, that just when the dream you've been dreaming of for many, many years, finally presents itself and you grasp it with both hands and jump off the cliff into that unknown abyss - only then to find a ledge appear beneath your feet holding option number two, sitting there grinning up at you?

Exasperated much? *laugh*

Okay, enough with the cryptic.

Yesterday, a change in circumstances presented itself.
Something that had actually been there all along, but for a variety of reasons, didn't register on our radar of options and possibilities.  Until yesterday.  The day before the deadline of when the Fryerstown property papers needed to be signed.

A great big fat "WHAT IF????"
Our conversation on the train into work that morning was frenetic.
As were the multitude of emails between us that followed.
By midday, our decision had been made.
Various phone calls and emails to our financial team were made.
One opportunity at accessing our dream was relinquished in favour of exploring another, a little closer to home.

One of the great pleasures I have in sharing my life with Ben, is his affinity with the possible.  His ability to objectively compare situations and options and change his mind just as quickly as it was made.  Some people would (and do) find this infuriating, unsettling, scary even.  I find it freeing.
To feel free to present options.  To feel free to change my mind.  To feel free in knowing I share my life with someone who does not believe every decision is set in stone.  Rather, the belief that life is dynamic.  Outcomes are flexible.  Options are limitless. *sigh*

So, we are staying put.
Of course, I can only say 'for now'.  But the truth is, in leaving, we would be giving up so much more than a 10 minute walk to the beach.  We would be leaving behind our community.  A veritable treasure trove of love, kindness, support and love - did I say love already?
And for purely selfish reasons, we just don't want to.

In the event you're wondering, our plan for land is not forgotten.  Merely placed on hold for the moment while we explore our new-found opportunity.  An option a little closer to home *smile*.

And for your viewing pleasure, a few moments from my afternoon, captured with my trusty phone.


 Our beach.  More often than not, no one here but us.  How blessed are we?

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