Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16th

Ah, the last day in my five day weekend...
The morning spent crocheting (I'm really getting a handle on this treble stitch business!) and the afternoon spent wandering around Main St, Mornington, oggling the wondererousnessness of the street market.
Then we found ourselves here...

It's interesting to me actually, cos we were on our way down the street to our favourite local, but this cafe kept calling me... literally* calling me from the other side of the street as I walked further and further away!  I have never sipped a cup of magic bean in this wee spot, but for some reason, I longed to be sitting amongst beauty in that moment of time.  Not busyness.  Not loudness.  Not freneticness.  Just calm, quiet and beauty.
The scent of lilies, the promise of chocolate and the guarantee of delicious bean was too much of a delectable combination for me to ignore.
So I stopped our party of three midstride and suggested a change of course.

And how perfect it was.


Explaining *my* use of the term for my fabulously pedantic fans *smile*
My gorgeous woman - the cafe 'literally' called to me through its whispering to my soul... can that not be literal?  Hmmmm, I wonder....
The scent of the lilies reached me from across the street... it felt incredibly tangible, intoxicating me...
The allure of chocolate sweetness alongside the conscious recollection of the bitter taste of coffee held my sensory imagination hostage and demanded action...
If magic makes up a little of my reality - does this use of the term then become correct?
What say you? *smile*

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