Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23rd

Today I'm grateful for mobility.

I actually enjoyed my yoga class this morning (as opposed to counting the poses until I could be out of my burning inferno).
I found a sweet spot in the room.  One that wasn't directly under a vent blowing 40 degree hot air down at me.  So today, my practice was in an environment of ambient heat, rather than fan-forced heatwaves.  As a result, I was able to really focus on my stretches and strength - whereas the last two classes have been mostly about mental strength and stretches in order to stay in the room and not escape into the cool!

I am noticing deeper stretches already after only three days *smile*.
This practice is not easy, but it yields awesome results.  My ankle strength has improved since Monday.  I find the lack of strength in my ankles equals not being able to hold the balancing poses for very long.  Today - definite improvement *grin*.

Pat, Ben and I enjoyed the freedom of vehicular travel today.

Lunch and a wander around Warrandyte, followed by an hour drinking in the wonderful energy of the Theosophical Society bookshop *sigh*.  I literally could spend HOURS in this store.  It has shelf upon shelf of all my most favourite subjects.  From homeopathy and astrology to theosophy and Steiner.  Plus sooooooo much more.  I actually asked them for a part time job today.  She gave me a card and told me to email my resume.  In fact, I would actually work there for free, stocking shelves and marveling at all the new releases and re-releases of the ancient texts.  
I might just do that one day, once the passive income builds...

And my day finished with the therapeutic embrace of my craft circle.  The mobility in my wrists is not what it was prior to childbirth, but if I pace myself and stretch and rest when necessary, I find I can still immerse myself in my passion for all things yarn.

The crocheting for the shrug is all finished - with just the running stitch to create the arms to complete before it is absolutely done.  I inherited a huge bag of yarn tonight, on-gifted by one of our women.  There is a particular gorgeous pastel mint green (above) which I am considering using for a summer shrug.  I'll get right onto that after I have finished the Elicia scarf I began tonight.  It's the most crazy yarn I have ever seen!  And while fiddly, I'm enjoying this creation very much.

 A wonderful day off today celebrating Pat's birthday, luxuriating in a few of my most favourite pastimes.  And tomorrow - first up Bikram, then into creativity of a different kind!  My website is calling me, oh so loudly.  And I am celebrating the re-ignition of a dormant flame.

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