Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28th

Grateful for the KMart staff member who paused a 345 photo print job (received via phone call) to process my 21 shots.
Grateful for her offer of a refund when the machine then promptly crashed as a result of the print interruption.
Blissfully grateful when I returned three hours later to pick up the photos that were going to be printed nonetheless, when she gave them to me free of charge.
Grateful for the post office clerk who happily counted and changed my $25 worth of coins.
And grateful for the woman who gifted me the 10c I was then short for, for my parking ticket *laugh*.

It's not every day my days contain what I call 'universe in flow' moments, but when they do, I feel my energy begin vibrating at a such a high frequency as a result of the *squeeeeeee* factor.
It wonderfully reinforces my knowing that what goes around, comes around.  That the kindness you share with the world, returns to you in buckets *sigh*.

My overall gratuity honour today however, goes to my mama.
(Pictured above just before she got her first tattoo, one my two sisters, her and I share - her idea!)

It's her birthday *smile*.
Although our past has a liberal sprinkling of "my god this relationship is HARD WORK!", I cannot deny that this woman through good, and not so good, has helped shape the person that I am.
I sent off a parcel of Lucy goodness for her today.  Artwork, photos and a gift and card from me.  It's late, obviously, but I don't think she'll mind too much once the booty is revealed.
I'm off to give her a call now, before it gets too late in Shebangabang.

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