Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24th

From sunshine to rain!

Oh the joys of living in Melbourne.
This was the view from my work station this afternoon.

How magnificent is that image!
My trusty phone captures some pretty awesome shots.
I was so captivated by the storm outside my window, it took me a while to focus on the reason for bringing the laptop down for a caffeine hit in the first place.
Four pages worth of info manifested and recorded in the space of three hours (the maximum time limit allowed at the cafe carpark!).  It was also fifteen minutes before closing - perfect timing.

This evening was spent finishing off the arms of the shrug and here it tis - reluctantly modeled by yours truly (I really do prefer being on the other side of the camera, but I knew the complaints I would receive if I took pics of Ben modeling - am I not right???!)


The scarf is also finished and now I'm tossing up between the beret and the spring shrug.  Hmmmm...  Judging by today's weather, it may be more fitting to go straight for the beret!
Grateful for luxuriously decadent yarns to create beautiful garments and blustery winds in which to show them off in!

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