Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15th

Grateful for moments of still.

Even the staff in the cafe mentioned how wonderful it was to see folks just sitting.  Not rushing in, not rushing to eat, not rushing to leave.  This is a snapshot of our morning (and early afternoon!).

And this is the current fruit of my labour

My - how it grows!  Treble crochet, how I luff thee!

Don't believe it's my handiwork?  Okay, I'll post some evidence taken this morning.
Please forgive the pjs, bedhair and cleavage (one guess who was taking the pic and failed to advise me to adjust my clothing! *laugh*)

And tonight - we spa!
Dine and bathe at our favourite place to indulge the soul.
Have you been?  No?  Highly, highly recommend *smile*

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