Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9th

I have a friend.
One of my most favourite people in the whole wide world.
Her name is Kim.

We met when our babes were more than one but less than two.
Now, if you were to imagine a person in every way opposite to me, you would have a pretty good picture of Kim.  
Tall where I am short. 
Slim where I am rounded.
Predominantly left-brained where I am right.
Mild mannered where I am overly expressive.
Thoughtful where I am outspoken.
Private where I am demonstrative.
Reticent where I am loquacious.
Chilled out where I am frenetic.
And our thoughts and opinions on most things in this world are also quite often worlds apart.
So how does this friendship work you ask?
One word - authenticity.

From our very first conversation, Kim struck me as so unique.  I found her to be so comfortable in her skin.  So unthreatened by differences of opinions in others.  So content in her decisions.  
I found interactions with Kim so refreshing, so light, so unconditional. *smile*.

Quite often conversations, relationships can have an aspect of competitiveness, of defensiveness, of justification.  Especially when faced with differences.  I've spoken on this before.
With Kim - she listens, with such sincerity.  And she shares, with her whole heart.  Never guarding, never embellishing.

We marvel at our friendship.  At how different we are and how different we see the world and yet, how much we adore each other, feel so comfortable with each other, how trusting we are with each other.  Our friendship holds no expectation, no presumptions, no smokescreens, no bullshit.
Just a true love and acceptance for who we are.
A truly authentic friendship.
One I treasure greatly and am truly grateful for.

Kim, I know I tell you this often, but I utterly adore you.
Your friendship means the world to me.
Our time together leaves me brimming with happiness and filled with contentedness.
And I will feel forever blessed to have you call me friend.
Thank you for your love.

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