Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14th

Go big or go home.

I saw this pattern on an aisle end at my favourite manchester store today.
I liked immediately.  My kinda thing.  Whimsical but with structure.
I ripped it off and cast my eyes hungrily over the stitches in optimistic longing.  The woman stacking the shelves with yarn (how do I get paid to do something like that?!.... stroking yarn all day... *sigh*) mentioned she tried it earlier this week, and disagrees with the pattern.  Said doing a double crochet on top of a chain was waaaay too time consuming and fiddlier than necessary (30 years experience talking here).  She recommended doing a basic treble instead.  I nodded along making all the right noises, forcibly willing my mind to understand even one iota of what she was saying. 

In that moment, I became determined.  I've barely mastered a basic chain, but I committed to myself on that spot, I would crochet myself this item of clothing.
Yep, I'm that much of a masochist.  
I made a mental note of the change in pattern she suggested and strode off in the direction of the recommended yarn.

Gorgeous blend huh?

Not only did I decide to dedicate myself to completing this item of clothing, I also committed to sharing my task right here, to enforce accountability.  Please brace yourself for an upcoming misadventure, littered with strings of profanities, self-pity and tears.
*deep breath*

Right, the wine has been poured, the hook is out of its plastic wrap, my fear is palpable.  But it's alllllll good.  Wish me luck!

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