Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27th

My heart was overflowing with gratuity today.
Today, our community threw us a NOT Going Away party *grin*.
The theme of the afternoon was: Thank Fuck *laugh*.

I have been a nomad for most of my life - as a small child we moved a lot.  And then later from the age of about 17 when I was finally independent, I have been on the move.  I have found myself in and out of communities more times than I can count (without sitting down with pen and paper and an hour to spare to count that is).  And none have settled into my heart (and mine into theirs) as comfortably as our current one.

When we found the land up country, the decision to move was a difficult one.  Leaving our community was incredibly difficult to comprehend and I plunged my head quite deeply into the metaphorical sand whenever the thought of it came up.  I had my counter-arguments to myself all well rehearsed and pulled them out whenever the heart strings yanked at the thought of not having regular contact with this village.  And I wasn't the only one feeling sad about leaving - our village were very vocal with their thoughts.  Supportive and happy for us in fulfilling our dream, but saddened at the idea we would no longer be local.

So when news came of our staying put, our permission was requested for a celebration to be had in honour of the good news.  We were so touched *melt*.

It was a gorgeous afternoon, weather wise, energy wise, food wise!
A marvelous cake, with the sentiment that summed up the feeling in two words *laugh*.
And everyone whispered in my ear, as we were embracing on farewell, "we're so glad you're staying".

The love was palpable.
And the affection is very much reciprocal.
We truly feel very treasured to amongst this gorgeous village.
And we intend to stay put for as long as nomadically possible.
Thank you fabulous village.
Thank you xxx.

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