Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30th

A relaxing day of togetherness today.

Ben had fun turning my skeins into balls while I was at yoga (yep midway through my second week without missing one planned class yet!)

Went shoe fitting for a pair of these babies!

Found this scrumptious book in the store next door *melt*

Got a parking ticket for $119.00 because we don't know how to read signs properly.  Loading zone?  What, now?  Really?  Oh shit!  Funny thing is though, we were in the shoe shop getting fitted for half an hour, but it wasn't until we made an unscheduled pedestrian stop in the store next door that we received the ticket!  Ben actually saw her stick it to the window as we exited the store.  Oh well.  Luckily we found our shoes on line for less than half the store price... that covers the parking ticket and then some! *laugh*

Then Ben had a very exciting meeting with some groovy cats, while I sat in the car and crocheted about seven or so granny circles.  I'm up to 12 now!


I was thinking I would make it five squares squared and see how big that gets it to.  It's a lap blanket, as opposed to a bed blanket.

Oh and we found this!
I love it.


A little ladder of rainbow sunshine in my kitchen.  It makes me smile every time I look at it *smile*.

How was your Wednesday?

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