Monday, March 14, 2011

Privacy change: Actionable in 48 hrs

Hi there lovely reader.
It's wonderful having you share this space with me.

My blog is about to become viewable to verified readers only.
The only requirement is your email address.
So if you'd like to continue reading, please send me your address via the comments box below.
Naturally, your details will not be shared, gifted or sold.
This action is merely to protect the privacy of myself, my child and those close to me in my life from malicious intent.

We do not need to know each other in real life.
I enjoy sharing my frame of life with perfect strangers as well as those dear to me in my world.
It's those that seek personal information about me and my loved ones and then attempt to use that information for manipulative and destructive purposes that I seek to prevent from accessing. 

This change will take place in 48 hours.
I look forward to keeping your company *smile*

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