Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 21st

Symbolism.  Oh how I adore thee.

A caterpillar rebirthed itself in my kitchen this morning.  For someone who loves to see little signs along the route of my life, little indicators that I'm on the right track, this one was a biggie.

We found the wee chrysalis attached to one of the grasses we bought home from the beach last weekend.  I used to dip these in dye as a child and enjoy them as decoration and Lucy and I planned to do the same.  When we discovered this grass was already busy, we popped it in a vase on the window sill and waited.

I opened my eyes this morning, to my beloved whispering in my ear as he woke me, that the butterfly had emerged.  Lucy awoke moments later and we rushed out excitedly to see the butterfly in our kitchen!  It was a minute or so before the relevance struck me.  Today was the first day I wasn't venturing in to carry out a day of paid employment.  Today was the first day I was dedicating my time, energy and creativity to my passion.  A kitchen full of rebirthers indeed. *smile*

Today was a foundation day.
Starting with a re-dedication to my Bikram practice at half nine this morning.
I became quite emotional after this class and, quite uncharacteristically, allowed the sobs to work their magic on my body while I showered.  This emotional release explains why I found Ustrasana pose difficult today.  This posture is the most common in causing emotional confrontation - the opening of the chest, lungs and heart space (lungs being connected to grief in traditional chinese medicine and heart being connected to, well, your heart!).  So, if there was heart space stuff going on, it's no wonder I got dizzy and couldn't hold the pose far enough forward.  Usually I love this pose.  

Ah, yoga.  So much more than just twisting and stretching your muscles *smile*.

I was talking to Jackie who runs the peninsula Bikram branch and told her I am learning to embrace and work through my commitment issues and that I wanted to practice Monday through Friday mornings.  Usually at the first sign of anything getting hard, I justify a reason to stop but I really want to push myself through the pain (physical, mental and emotional!) and keep at it.  She looked at me and said "you get yourself here and on your mat in that room and leave the rest to me".  *Eep*!

The rest of the day was spent decluttering my workspace and indeed our home.  The chaos after the weekends has been lingering longer than is really healthy.  Feng shui teaches us 'cluttered home, cluttered mind' and that's not conducive to creativity and productivity!

So now I await my beloved's return after a very exciting meeting discussing a very exciting new proposition!  The action as a result of the power of manifestation is potent in our lives just at the moment.  It's wonderful.

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