Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18th

Today was a very significant day.
The first thing I am incredibly grateful for, is the freedom of choices.
We all have choices.  We don't often realise this, or consider it - but the choices we make in every moment shape the direction of our lives.  Stating the obvious, yes.  But when was the last time you made a conscious choice?  Actually thought about the immediate, short term and long term consequences of the choice you're about to make?

Choices tend to be automatic in most instances.  Muesli or smoothie.  Juice or coffee.  Car or train.
The outcomes in the short term seem fairly low impact.  But every decision you make creates a small ripple in the direction of the reality you are creating for your future.  So one small decision can completely change the direction of your life.

Today I stopped coasting.
I reclaimed the direction of my future, consciously.
I resigned from my paid employment.

I had a consultation with a wealth specialist late last year.  Ben and I were increasing our wealth creation knowledge repertoire and investigating the accumulation of different tools for our manifestation toolbox.  He asked me what I did during the day.
I explained I was a public servant and that four days a week, I assisted and advised Australian people seeking and dependent on government financial payments for their welfare.

He then asked me what I wanted to do - what my passion was.
I launched into an avalanche of excitement, describing my desire to bring my knowledge of nutritional and fertility information to as many people as possible, via web access and technology.
That and my desire to build an asset base and create a passive income stream for my future, so I wouldn't need to concern myself with money when I was too old to be working for it.

He then looked at me and asked me why on earth I was spending my days discussing poverty, lack, wanting, dependency - the very opposite of that what I wanted to achieve.  
It was a very good question!
I defensively told him I helped many people in my day to day work and it was incredibly satisfying work!  He didn't disagree with me.  But he asked me, taking into consideration my understanding of the powers of manifestation, how was it that this job was helping me get to where I wanted to go.
I frowned and went silent (still frowning).  It's a hard thing to hear that what you do each day is worthless in the scheme of your own big picture.

I guess that's when the itching started.  I don't know for sure.
The golden rule of starting your own business is 'don't quit your day job'.
The thing with that rule, is that when you have a safety net in place, your motivation to work on your dream and build a brand new reality needs to be REEEEEEALLY strong.
When you don't have that safety net in place, your need to survive takes care of that focus for you!

Which brings me to my second potent reason for gratitude today: Ben.
One of the hugest reasons Ben and I work so well together is that we view the world in the same way.
We both believe in making shit happen.
We believe in manifestation.
We believe that money is an energy - an energy that is plentiful, constantly flowing into and out of your life.  That the key to building wealth is knowing the rules of attraction.

I finally realised today, that I was no closer to achieving the goals I wanted to achieve, than I was the day I detailed them to myself three and a half years ago.  And as with most changes, I received a catalyst.  A call from a not-very-nice customer who spoke to me in a not-very-nice-way-at-all.
I realised, as I was being kind, respectful, patient, tolerant and helpful to this person, when he was being everything but with me, that this kind of interaction with a human being, was not how I wanted to spend my days and was most certainly not in any way helpful to me in achieving my future goals.

So the penny finally dropped.
I emailed Ben for the 100th time, saying I didn't want to spend my days doing this anymore.  So he said 'don't'.  He asked me what I wanted to do instead.  I told him I wanted to work full time on wealth creation.  And his reaction?  Incredible excitement *smile* (have I mentioned this man rocks my tiny world?).  We have talked about this subject to exhaustion - both finding snippets of time in our world to work on the plan.  Both energy and creativity-depleted as a result of our day jobs (not to mention parenting in our off-time).  So to Ben's eye, this was a brilliant reallocation of resources towards our end goal.

Last Sunday, while we were lazying the day away in Daylesford, I came across a pack of cards in a heavenly wee store.  Now, I love these kinds of cards - I have a few packs.  But this one I had never seen before.  You know the kind, where you draw a card and channel the messages of universal energy (or whichever deity you credit divine knowing).  I loved this pack for its, well, its simplicity *smile*.

Sitting at lunch on Sunday, I asked Lucy to pull us a card each.
This is the card she pulled for me:

And this was the message that accompanied:

Now, listening to this card being read, it meant absolutely ZERO to me or my circumstances at that moment in time.  I asked Ben to read it to me again tonight.  WHOOOOOAAAA!  Relevant much?
For shiz alright!  I was floored.  So even though at the time I consciously dismissed it as my child having no link to the divine whatsoever (I'm sure her higher self is laughing her arse off at me now!), my subconscious must have taken a mental note (sorry, reeeeeally bad pun I know! *laugh*).
Cos when that opportunity presented itself, I took it.  Without hesitation.
I literally had cleared out my desk, logged off my system, handed in my notice within less than half an hour from emailing Ben.

"Take a chance and trust life as it unfolds.  You're being asked to step into the flow and you don't want to miss it.  Say yes to life and act now."

Well alrighty then.

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