Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11th

Ah nuts!
I finished all my squares today for A's blanket - yay!
So, tonight I laid them all out, to put all the reds in the right place and then work out a balance of the other colours - and that's when I realised I'd counted wrong!

How is it possible to count wrong?!  It wasn't even a number more than five!
Kinda pissed.  Cos now I've got to do two more reds (I only thought I needed to do three).  And I'm left with two randoms.  Although they may come in handy if I'm struggling with balancing the other colours.. we'll see.

Whaddyathink?  Of the blanket?
I think it's ace! *grin*

The other 'ah nuts' moment...?
I blew off yoga this morning, to enjoy a luxurious two and a half hour conversation with my trans-tasman sister via Skype.  Totally worth it.
Then with the intention to go to the 7.45pm class with Ben tonight.
My bod has been aching for it all day!  So good!
But now he's home, all I want to do is make raw chocolate mousse in the thermomix, brew some chilli chai tea and spend another five hours crocheting and doing lateral thinking riddles together like we did last night.  And now that I also have two more squares to do - it's even MORE attractive.
The conundrum!

Luckily for me, Ben is far more disciplined than I could ever claim to be (token gratituity for the day).
He's currently making the mousse to pop in the refrigerator, so it will be lovely and perfect when we get home just before ten pm tonight.  After yoga.
So there you go.
Decision made.
Spose I should get ready!

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