Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12th

I enjoyed a wonderful day of catch up today.

I caught up with the info content I'm writing for the website (it's been a few days since I checked in).  I love watching the content grow.  It won't be long until the website has been built and the content is plugged in and then we go live.  I have been marveling lately, when talking about the site, how much passion still pours out of me when I talk about this stuff!  I love that!  It's such a calling.  I'm excited to see where it takes me.

I caught up with some long overdue sleep.  I injured myself in yoga this morning and as I was writing early this afternoon, I found my eyes struggling to stay open.  Yoga tends to exhaust me most days - but I think with the addition of trying to rest and heal from the ligament strain, sleep called to me a little more persuasively than usual.  I closed my eyes for a few minutes and when I opened them, three hours had passed!!

And I caught up with Georgia for dinner.
We begun our night earlier than usual, because we tend to find the restaurant is sleepily awaiting us to pay before they can lock up and go home.  Alas, we were still the last to leave (even though it was only 9.30pm!).  I was craving sweet and there was only one *ahem* restaurant open, with no immediate plans to close... so over the carpark to Maccas we went, to sip soy latte and hot chocolate (skinny, two marshmellows - that did crack me up *grin*).  The other thing that cracked me up, was it was Georgia's first time sipping hot chocolate from a paper cup with a plastic lid.  She looked at it when it arrived and seemed a little perplexed.  Turns out she was expecting a porcelain mug, bless.

Wonderful soul replenishing activities.  
It's currently 12.30 am Wednesday morning and I feel incredibly refreshed!  A cup of tea and then bed I think!  No yoga in the morning - will rest my adductor muscle and work on the website with my beloved instead, before my button arrives at 12pm.
And maybe enjoy a wee lie in.
Good night all xxx

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