Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23rd

Day one of our city escape.

A morning of yoga and packing, then we were on the train, into the city!
We were walking up Swanston Street, on our way to the hotel and I looked up and saw a gorgeous building.  I commented to Ben, then when I looked closer - I realised it was the hotel we were booked into for the next five days!  WIN!

And it is truly spesh.  Very classy, very elegant, very posh.  Just perfect.
I have to admit to being a bit of a hotel snob.  I have worked in a couple of five star international hotels, as have many of my friends and my sister.  So time in posh hotels featured heavily throughout my 20s.  And when I'm in the mood for it, I very much like to be surrounded by fine furnishings, quality linen and attentive staff (particularly the latter, as I have been that attentive staff member and it's really not all the bloody hard to smile and say 'absolutely').

Love thoughtful, little touches.  A big focus for this hotel is wellness.  I love.

An early evening wander around the city had us out in Fitzroy for a Burlesque show, only to find it sold out for the evening.  I decided a bubble bath was in order, so after half an hour in Lush, we wandered out with about 6 or so different bath bombs and bubbly soaps.  Oh and some Henna.  I plan to dye my hair.  

I used to do this (dye my hair).  A lot.  But stopped during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  And more recently, I haven't because I don't want to cover over my silvers (I luff them).  But I'm told henna highlights them, rather than silences them and I quite like that idea!  It's messy stuff this henna, so I think I'll save the white towels and do it at home.... unless I can't wait... I remain subject to change *grin*.

As we were about to cross the road to head for coffee, we saw the Capitol Theatre and I suggested a movie.  We climbed the stairs only to discover the comedy fest had commandeered the venue.  After a quick consult on whose performance was about to start (in the next 10 minutes!),  tickets were purchased *grin*.  And he was hilarious!  The tears, oh the tears!  I'm not generally a risk taker when it comes to comedy (it can just go so baaaadly!), but we were feeling lucky tonight.  And I'm so pleased we took the gamble.

We finished our evening out with cocktails and coffee.
An utterly blissful, relaxing, gorgeous day.

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