Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 24th

Grateful for seamless flow.

That was very much the energy of our day today.  Everything just flowed.
We woke naturally with enough time (two hour minimum, prior to practice) to break our fast with our yoga morning staple of a half bowl of rice.  Perfection.
Once our practice was complete, we had a window prior to the start of our show, to fill our bellies and catch some vitamin D as we walked back to town from Fitzroy.  And I also managed to squeeze in a bath to nourish my aching muscles.  Perfection.

Dr Zhivago was brilliant.
I love musicals.  Have yet to see one I didn't enjoy.  And I love how Ben enjoys them too.  LOVE!  Mutual interests and shared passions are wonderfully convenient *smile*.
The show was funny, emotional, powerful.  An opportunity to both laugh and cry.
Clear out the emotional cobwebs.  And we managed to add two more to our flashing cup collection.  Lucy will LOVE!  Perfection.

With the show finishing, we had another generous pocket of time to change then dine in the hotel restaurant before rendezvousing at the Burlesque Bar.

There was a time, when I loved this kind of show.  Any kind of show with excitement, performance and sauce.  Apparently that time has passed and this has surprised me quite significantly.  It was a very subdued crowd.  We watched three performances and the women were superb in their acts, despite the lukewarm reception they were receiving from their audience.  I found myself whooping them on, expressing my appreciation for their efforts, while at the same time attempting to stimulate the crowd, enable the inhibited amongst those that surrounded me.  Because in all honesty, their silent witness of the undress that was happening before us, felt elitist, oppressive and salacious.  And it made me more than just a little uncomfortable.

This was not like shows I have seen in the past.  Where audience reception is filled with adoration, fun, laughter, excitement.  This was pack voyeurism and it felt horrible.  We left part way through.

I'm not sure what's caused this change of perception.  Perhaps it was the way the audience removed themselves from the performance, seemingly objectifying her.  Would I have felt the same way, had there been more involvement, more appreciation of her show, engendering more equality?  Although, really, how can there be equality when one party is fully clothed and the other is not?  I don't believe there can ever be true equality where there is vulnerability in one party.  

Perhaps I'm now seeing the industry where women remove their clothing for the entertainment of others, as one that in no way shows women in a place of strength or power, of equality or respect. 
Whatever the case, it no longer feels good, so I'll no longer choose to do it.

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