Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17th

My life is so full of crafting at the moment - it's wonderful!

I gathered together with a gorgeous collection of women today, to make acorn babies!
How adorable are they??!!!

The practice of needle felting is so therapeutic.  It's a mostly mindless task, allowing stillness to take over, your thoughts to wander or to just clear your mind (if you're clever enough) and rest.  However, one must not be completely absent, or one may find a needle puncturing one's finger (on more than one occasion I might add).

It's a marvelous craft, in that you see your creation start to take shape almost immediately!  And it's a wonderfully forgiving craft, in that random-ish fibre placements end up looking like they're supposed to be there, displaying a lovely whimsical appearance.  Wonderful *grin*.

Craft is made even more enjoyable for me, by the sharing of conversation.  Replenishing the soul with the embracing of old friends and the enrichment of my world through the making of new ones.  Divine.  

I caught up with a fabulous crafting buddy of mine (I'm sharing a link to her blog in the hope that she'll start blogging her creations again *grin*).  Lani creates wonderful, wonderful Steiner-inspired beauty - and some awesome projects outside of the Steiner realm (see if you can find the kitchen reno!). 
I thoroughly enjoy your company Lani *smile*.  So much so, that I get so engrossed in your stories that I completely miss my turn off and fail to notice until 15 minutes after the fact! *laugh*.  We were only 15 minutes late in the end and we caught up pretty quick, so it was all good *grin*.  Thank you for the pleasure of your company today.

Our workshop today was facilitated by Mel from Felt Enchanted.  Mel has a gorgeous energy about her and is very generous with her supplies, creativity and skill sharing.  Check out her fb page - and be prepared to say "Oooooooh" A LOT!  Her artistry and talent is heart warming.  Her creations are just exquisite!
I'm hoping like crazy more workshops will be run in the future!  But for now, I've got my wee needle and sponge block, some fleece tops and time on my hands.  Let's see what I can create..... AFTER I finish the blanket and Goose's new winter hat and a beret for myself... eep!

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