Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13th

Gosh, this month is flying by!

Goose and I had some fun with felt and warm soapy water today, making eggs to celebrate Easter.

As a southern hemisphere Pagan, things get all about face when it comes to celebrating certain festivals in our calendar.  Easter (named for the Saxon goddess Ostara) is traditionally a spring festival.  The welcoming of new life after the darkness and barrenness of winter.  Easter is a celebration of fertility at its finest!  Of course, here in Australia, we're going into autumn - not spring.  And the festival celebrated at the onset of autumn is Mabon (which we did back in March).

However.  As Australia celebrates predominantly Christian culture, it matters not that Easter coincide with Spring.  So here we are - celebrating Easter in Autumn *smile*.
Another thing our culture does is equate Easter with chocolate.  Ah, consumerism at its most grotesque.  I don't know how we made that connection (and I'm not really all that interested to find out to be honest!), but I want Lucy to understand a little more of the history behind the celebration of Easter (rather than just an occasion to gorge on revolting compound chocolate *shudder*).  So eggs and bunnies we can do!

Easter, while hijacked by Christianity as most pagan traditions were, still maintains a lot of pagan symbology.  Eggs and rabbits, both representative of fertility (and rampant fertility in the case of the hare!) are celebrated.  A little more on the symbolism here if you like.

As a child, I adored the egg hunt!  And I want to maintain that tradition with Lucy.  But I didn't want it to be all about chocolate.  In saying that, a little quality cacao is always enjoyable *smile*.  So I decided to make some eggs to include in our hunt!
And we had so much fun!


And Goose decorated some eggs herself to include in our hunt.

Next week we're catching up with Georgia and her wee button for the tradition of blowing eggs and painting them!  I've never done it before and I'm incredibly excited!!

So, come Saturday morning next week, we will have a magnificent bounty to forage for!  And there may just be a couple of Lindt bunnies nestled among the foliage *smile*.

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