Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2nd

Today, as most days just at the moment, I am grateful for this wee beast.

It takes the majority of the pics on this blog.  There are currently 8,176 photos in my iphoto library.  The first one taken on the 16th of April, 2010 - the day I took my first shot with this incredible piece of machinery.  And of course, those are just the keepers!  

I rarely go anywhere these days without it.  And with its mighty huge lens, it does tend to be a heavy thing to lug around.  I'm currently drooling over this portability enabler.  I can include the charger, cables, battery, extra lenses of course - not to mention, the laptop, phone, wallet and keys - everything I would ever need to take with me!  I love!!  *sigh*.

Where was I?
Yes, my love for this camera.
It enables me to capture moments such as this:

(Goose asking her collection of eagerly attentive students to name their colours *melt*)

And when we are blessed to be invited to incredibly important family occasions, such as naming days for brand new buttons, it gives me opportunities to capture magic moments such as these...

Pretty spesh, huh?

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