Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1st

April Fool's Day.

Where on earth did that originate?  And who's idea was it to play their friends for fools.... and then laugh at them about it?  Meh.  Not really my idea of amusement, but there you go.
In saying that, my daughter came out with a corker tonight in the bath:
Lucy: "Octopuses aren't real Mum.....  Do you believe me?"
Me: *looks quizzically at the child before her*
Lucy: "April Fool's Day!"  as she cracks up laughing.
Her sense of humour does amuse me no end *smile*.

We had a crack at needlecraft together today - well, not technically needlecraft, more plastic stick craft.... 

I do remember her picking up a crochet hook and winding the yarn around and around, in an attempt to crochet.  It utterly warmed my heart at the time.  Then I saw this wee tool in Spotlight and I thought it would be perfect for her to play with - sorry, craft with.

She had a go, then declared it "too hard" before enlisting my help to finish it off.
To which I placed it down on the floor next to us and said "another time for you then, perhaps".
Then had a wee talk about things usually being difficult when we try them the first time, and that's when practice helps, yadda yadda.  Too much "you do it" going on with this wee woman.  Knocking that on the head whenever it arises, but still it lurks...

Back to more crocheting for me.  I have six more circles to do (or flowers as Lu calls them), before moving onto the white yarn to turn them into squares.

Before I sign off, I wanted to leave you with this, our calendar message for April.
Just luffly.

Ciao bellas and bellos 

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