Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19th

Grateful (immensely so) for people in my life that know their way around a freakin' computer.

I lost a document today.  A file I had spent two hours on.
And yes, I saved it!  I just couldn't find bloody where!  
And this is so not like me.  I have been writing material for more than five years.  My computer is FILLED with files of writing.  I *know* how to save and store.  
Today utterly baffled me.  I actually felt ill.
And he couldn't rescue me (yes, I pulled the damsel in distress card, cos I frickin' was!), cos he didn't have remote access for my computer.  He was at work.  I was at home.
When I wasn't feeling ill, I wanted to cry.

So anyway.  I made tea, wasted time on fb and continued to feel sorry for myself.
Until he got home.
*pleasurable sigh*
Bless his cotton socks.  In less than two minutes, he'd found it.
And I nearly cried.  Again.
It was in the trash - AGAIN, don't ask me how!  I didn't stick it in there!  Well, obviously I did, didn't I!

Anyway, it's all better now *smile*.  Unpleasant memory forgotten.

But something ace did come out of my time on fb this afternoon.
In the last 24 hours, I have received three gorgeous, gorgeous messages from some amazing people.  Messages telling me how much I'm loved, treasured, valued.  I love receiving these kinds of messages - who wouldn't!  But I'm always sad at the idea that soon after receiving them and enjoying them so much, they will be lost.  I thought that I would love to have a place that I could put them all together and be able to access them at any time - like when I'm having a shitty day, or feeling particularly crap about myself.

So I thought - why not do that?!
So I have *grin*.
I now have a private blog, entitled Treasuring Me.  I record the message, the context, the date and the author.  The title of each post is one word.  A word pulled from the gifted message that the author has used to describe me.  I have recorded the three messages I received over the last 24 hours - and two received since then.  I also accessed some old messages received last month and included them too.  Wanna know what words I have received so far?

Inspirational (again)

Some messages contained more than one beautiful adjective, so I was challenged to just choose one.

I put an invitation out to fb, to see if anyone wanted to join me in doing the same thing.  Creating a journal of gorgeous things people have said to you.  Something to access when you're feeling less than gorgeous.  I received a wonderful response *smile*, which utterly warmed my heart.

I think it's a beautiful thing to be reminded of how awesome we are.  And I think it's extra special when we're the ones doing the reminding *wink*.

A message of awesomeness, I received in the post today.

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