Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18th

 Today was an April themed day!

April, a gorgeous woman in our circle was born 29 years ago today and we were blessed with her company and an opportunity to par-tay (her word, don't ask me, she didn't elaborate *grin*).

We gathered for a celebratory lunch, and me being me, wine was always going to be on the cards.  Little did I know she hadn't had a drop of alcohol for FIVE YEARS!  And here she was, contemplating breaking her pregnant and breastfeeding fast, right here, right now, with us - drinking Yellowglen's PINK out of a plastic cup!!!  I was mortified!  If I had known, I would have bought some good stuff!

Nonetheless - break her fast she did!  
And I must say, it was particularly amusing for me, to watch mostly teetotalers, giggle and flush on barely more than a sniff of bubbles.  Ah friends, such fabulous entertainment *smile*.

After a gorgeous catchup and some wonderfully green birthday cake *grin*, it was time to be home and prepare for hosting our fortnightly crafting night.

Still working on my grannies.  But oh, so close!  I buggered up the placement of the squares, cos I was talking too much and not paying attention.  One of the downsides to craft night!  But I reckon it still looks good.  And to be honest, one unpick for the night was really, honestly enough!

Ben made it home early from his meeting and was able to join us, stitching up his wee dog.  It was so lovely having him amongst the warble that is our craftin' symphony.

And as April lives a million miles away, it truly was a pleasure and a treasure to have this craftin' goddess amongst us tonight.  She even encouraged me (not so gently, I might add), to overcome my intimidation of the beast that is our coffee machine.  Turns out the monster and I make quite a fabulous espresso together.  There you go.  I did, however assure Ben that no, he wasn't out of a job *smile*.  I still very much believe that coffee - just like food - always tastes better when someone else makes it with love.

It was so wonderful spending time with you today, April.
Many blessings and thanks to J for parenting your three gorgeous boys solo, so we were able to lavish love and affection on you in the flesh.  And to our fabulous craftin' community - once again, as always, an absolute pleasure to share in your company.  Til next time!

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