Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4th

Grateful for friends with stash overflows *sigh*

A couple of weeks ago, a friend was culling her yarn stash and I came home with basket overflowing into two plastic bags - that's how bountiful my score was!

And tonight, a friend was on-gifting a selection of fabric from a huge stash that a friend had gifted to her!

Cotton drill, minke, muslin, bamboo velour.... my excitement is palpable!

Thank you wonderful friends!
Sharin' the love is such a wonderful cycle.

And my latest progress in my gifting project....

Please forgive the flash flare... 
So, the white edging is supposed to make my circles into squares.  If I give them a bit of a stretch, you can definitely make out their attempt at being square.  Blocking is the key, so I'm told.  Pin 'em down and get 'em wet.  Or I could just join the edges and hope for the best (I'm sure you don't need three guesses to work out which option I'm going for right now).

I'm also thinking that 15 squares squared may not be enough.
Reserving the right to add a few more.  They're so quick and easy and damn cute, I don't actually abhor the thought of working on more.  There you go!

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