Friday, April 22, 2011

April 22nd

Daily Gratitude Appreciation
Clean up our gorgeous beach!!

We are so, so grateful to live so close to this beautiful space.  We often find ourselves collecting sea debris that has washed ashore, and depositing it into the bin on our way home.  But there's a bit of ick factor when you're sans gloves, so we never really collect much.  But today, we were down there in windproof jackets, rubber gloves on, large rubbish bag in hand, prepared to sweep.  And gosh - did we have a bounty!  There is always so much more washed up after a storm.

 The stretch we covered, before we covered it.          The stretch we covered, after we had covered it.

Once our bags were filled, it was time for light play!




(Looks to me like she's summoning the gods and goddesses!) 

Homeward bound with our booty destined for a less dangerous resting place.

Oooh - I forgot to share pics of the hunt today!

And, just cos I can.  I made hot star buns in the Thermomix today.  First attempt ever.  And they were a million times better than the banana and date loaf I have failed at three times now!

Happy Oestre and Easter Celebrations folks!

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