Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 9th

Grateful for reconnecting with my upflow.

I had my first morning back at yoga today, after three days off and I felt strong.
I actually started the morning feeling quite ill after eating crap food last night.  But I tuned in to my internal cheer squad as I was driving in, and gave myself a pep talk.
Then when I hit my usual postures that demand more of a mental perseverance than a physical one, I acknowledged the part of my ego that complains bitterly and then let go of the victim headspace.  
I got higher into full locust than I have ever felt before.

Okay, obviously not as high as this woman!  Yet *grin*.

Then coming home today, to my beloved already working in his flow, I tapped into that and found my own.  The creative intellectual stimulation was a perfect balance to the physical stimulation my body had just been through.

I am currently amidst a lazy evening of work, pleasure and leisure, listening to the rain fall outside.
Time for another cup of tea I think.

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