Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6th

The air was so warm today!
No breeze, gorgeous sunshine, no sting.
And once again, I am grateful for residing walking distance to our magnificent beach.

(I love her toes in this one!!  I have a thing for baby toes)

These pics were taken on my htc Nexus One.  The sunglare is so intense that I actually have no idea what I'm capturing at the time.  I only get a vague idea based on the general direction the phone is pointed in.  And of course, there's such a lovely 1.5 second delay, I really could be capturing anything!

But I utterly adore the light this phone captures!  Just gorgeous.

And this guy captivated me today.

 In the time he was there, I didn't see him catch anything, although he replaced his bait a couple of times.  But just the stillness, the simplicity, of reading a book in the warmth of the sun, patiently waiting for an event that may never eventuate.  Oh to be that Zen.  He was also twice my age.  Perhaps it's a time thing, this patience business... *smile*.

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