Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21st

Today I discovered the joy of motorised train engines!

They go around the tracks!  By themselves!!  So awesome!
We were visiting with Kim and her kidlets, and after a hour or so in, we found ourselves on the floor, building tracks.  This is one of my most favourite child-play activities.  Most of the fun for me, is the design and layout.  The effort of having to push the trains around the track... yeah, not so much.  However!  Motorised engines inject a whole new element of joy.  So much joy.

I couldn't help but stop off and pick us up a couple on the way home.
I am so grateful to be introduced to new things all the time.  New ways of playing with existing toys.  We grabbed some extra track while we were at it.  Oh, the fun to be had!

Tonight, after Goose was sleeping soundly, it was time to set up the hunt!
As Lu will be at her Dad's on Sunday (traditionally the day of celebration, being the first Sunday after the first full moon following the equinox), I have decided to do the hunt tomorrow.  She's very excited *smile*.  

The hunt is a mixture of felted eggs, chocolate eggs and sparkle eggs, with most of the sparkle eggs dangling from the festival tree.  She asked me to set up the hunt outside as well as inside, but the wind is howling out there!  I think we'll give outside a miss this year.  This is the first year we have done a hunt and I think I'm as excited as she is!

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