Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oct 1st

Goodbye and safe travels, juicy Jess.
You have impacted my wee world in a way no other person has.
I will be forever grateful for our paths crossing.
I miss you so much already and you and Jerry have not even left town, yet!

When I returned to yoga after a few months hiatus and discovered you fresh atop our teacher's podium, your classes quickly became my favourite.  I liked your sparkle, your spunk, your strength and your juicy.  Your balance of kindness and kickarse is so perfect for me, particularly when I'm feeling weak and pathetic.

We found a common ground in conversations about blood.
No surprises there *laugh*.
And when the strength of this last shadow moon bought forth my bleed two days early, while I was midway through practice - as I stood there, my essence of power trickling in rivulets mixed with sweat down my inner thigh, I remembered that this had happened to you too once before.  I remembered how you told me you too pressed on with your practice, unwilling to break focus or strength concentration.  It was a raw and primal moment for me and I felt such a sisterhood connection with you having also had that experience.

My unashamed wild woman has become a more outwardly present companion over the last few years, but she does not walk my walk unassisted.  When I see you, I see how you have embraced your wild woman so completely.  Your every word, your every smile, your every movement embodies such JUICE!  I feel I could orbit your essence non-stop given half the chance, just drinking in and bearing witness to your dance through life.

And yes, of course we WILL see each other again!  How can two people have such an instant attraction and connection so briefly - and that be it!? *laugh*

Travel free, travel light and travel safe sweet Jess.
Many blessings to you on this next leg of your journey, next chapter in your tale.
I look forward to the next time we find ourselves standing next to one another in a small hot room, near naked, dripping with sweat, sharing energy.
Thank you for the gift of you into my life.

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