Monday, October 17, 2011

Oct 17th

I had time up my sleeve on the way to the post office today, so I decided to actually go into that store I keep passing but never make time to explore.

My kinda store.  I have an affinity with dragons, always have.  I'm born in the year of the dragon and I'm a fire dragon (for those who know a little more about eastern horoscopes).  I'm also a fire sign in western astrology - well, part water, part fire, being born on the cusp and all - but I identify mostly with the fire side of me.  And of course, anything with 'Mystical' in the name draws me like a bee to pollen.

I wanted a little something extra to send to my nephew, whose birthday it is today.  I wasn't sure what exactly, but I like to nourish the curiosity of mysticism within the children of my life, so I ventured in for a look around.  I always immediately feel at home in these stores.  The scent, the colour scheme, the shelves of books, the crystals, the wands, the incense, the goddesses... I often spend hours when I come across these stores.  The older, darker, dustier - the better.

After a twenty minute meander, I found what I was looking for, plus a gift for myself.  On the way out, I collected a few flyers for workshops in the early new year.  Feeling a little rusty on a few personal practices.  2012 may just be the year to brush up :o)

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