Monday, October 10, 2011

Oct 10th

Knock knock.
Who's there?

No really, who's there?
Are you there?
Cos, I would LOVE to hear from you!

Yes, I am talking to you, my treasured reader.  This isn't a random, weird philosophical poem in the making *smile*.  A blog I frequent in intermittent stints (the way I usually catch up on blogs I love) posted recently about how she loves to hear the thoughts of the people who read her musings.  We blog owners are questionably blessed with access to statistics on who frequents our pages, when they read, where they are from, what search engine they use and what URL they came via.  Which means I know that April 8th had the most number of hits ever, at 96 page views with March 20 coming in second with 87 page views.  It also means that for the month of September there were 965 page views and curiously, only six of you commented *smile*.

Now I know one or two of my close friends will say "but I have nothing worth saying!"  May I let you in on a little secret - every single one of you interests me.  I WANT to hear whatever it is that you think or feel about what I post.  I'm not invested in your thoughts per se; what I mean is, my sense of self is not attached to what you comment or whether you comment at all - but I'm interested in you, in the people that find my musings interesting enough to come back a second time (or more).

None of your comments are published (read more here on why that is, in the event you missed February 12th's post), but I treasure every single one of them.  And they will be (anonymously) published in the book this blog will be turned into at the end of the 365 days.  So it would be wonderful to include more!  For posterity's sake. *laugh*

Even if you were to say "I was here".  That would be lovely.  I'd like that a lot.
Conversely, I found myself guilty of the same.  Reading without posting.  I blame time!  Which is a ridiculous excuse.  The particular blogger who prompted this post is a mama of three children, who facilitates the learning of her children at home, as well as runs a small business where she sews clothes, as well as moderates on a busy online forum.  And those are just the activities I know of!  And the time it takes me to read her musings and leave a loving comment is a fraction of the time it has taken her to snap images, upload, formulate and create a thoughtful post for my viewing and reading pleasure... so no-time is no longer an excuse I'm employing.

Online media is another way we disconnect with the world around us through not having to engage.  We can observe without having to interact.  But where's the quality in that?
I invite you.  Engage with me :o)
(And if you include an email address, I will email back!)

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