Monday, October 24, 2011

Oct 24th

Grateful for being delayed at Scienceworks today, by a major meltdown (because a certain child could not have a certain crystal because her cash didn't cut it and the mama bank had already shelled out that day for a T-Rex softie).  Otherwise we may very well have been a part of that road train jack-knife that occurred on the Monash freeway, rather than just simply delayed by 45 minutes because of it.

Grateful for said T-Rex softie and his desire to learn to drive as we sat in the huge carpark that doubles as a freeway most days.  Much hilarity as he turned on the wipers instead of the indicators (particularly since we weren't even moving), complained that he couldn't reach the peddles and danced along the top of the steering wheel - an awesome way to pass time entertaining a small child in a car that is not moving anywhere anytime soon.

Grateful for emergency rations of fruit buns and bananas to kill the boredom (and associated hungries) that arose during our standstill.

Grateful for fast reflexes and a reliable car to be able to swerve and miss a flying 200L plastic tub that took flight from the back of a ute and came hurtling towards us as we were traveling down the 10 lane freeway at 100km per hour (when we eventually started moving again).

Grateful for a hot, hot room on a cold, cold day.
And very happy to catch up with a bunch of familiar faces lying on mats alongside me in the front row.

Grateful for Indian takeaway on the way home.
And grateful for a beautiful man waiting at the door on my arrival.
Speaking of said beautiful man.... good night xx

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