Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oct 25th

I really, really love my beloved finishing work at 4pm. 
It means he's home by five and it feels like we have another WHOLE DAY together, before it's time for bed.  Particularly with daylight savings, when it doesn't get dark until around 8pm in Spring.

He had a dinner date arranged tonight, but it was postponed.
I decided to celebrate with strawberry daiquiris, cos, well, why not, really?
Tonight is my night with the women and with his dinner plans, I would not have seen him until the early hours of tomorrow morning (quite typical for a craft night, despite it being hosted precisely 6 minutes drive away).  No dinner plans means a couple of hours together before my soirée with my womenfolk.

Yoga plans abandoned for burritos and daiquiris.
Life is ace.

I finished the front piece of my flag tonight.  I ran out of thread after completing up to the first 'o' in sisterhood and wondered if I could just leave it at that.  After unanimous giggles, it was determined that I most probably should complete the last two letters.  I will fasten a backing to it, to cover the threads and to stitch my name to the flag, then it will be ready to post off.

Looks ace, no?

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