Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oct 13th

I'm often grateful for the women in my life, the friends I feel very treasured to have. I find it ten times the blessing when our children find harmonious connection.  I'm finding this is happening more and more frequently - but it hasn't always been this way.

Goose has always been a slow-to-warm child.  My velcro baby vehemently protected her personal space and would take a very long time to become comfortable in a new surrounding or with new people - if she found that easy comfort at all.  My lap has almost always been occupied at outings (and more often than not, still is).  As she is maturing, her social comfort zone is broadening.  There are some children (and adults) in her world where she feels instantly comfortable in their presence and it's so wonderful for me to witness.

Our playdate today was with such a family.
I tend to not mention we have plans with anyone, because more often than not, her immediate reaction is "I don't want..."  I'm finding that if friends 'just arrive' or happen to be at the same park or coffee shop at the same time, it's seamless and she's enjoying extra company before she even realises it's not just her and me anymore.  So when we arrived home from shopping today, to find friends in our garden awaiting our arrival, the integration was effortless and the two children played joyously for hours.

12 months ago, this wasn't the case with these two.  This blue-eyed sunshine boy is a snuggly-cuddler (which I get more than my fair share of and I LOVE!) whereas Goose is arms-length-cos-I'm-having-a-good-day-if-you-don't-mind.  Oil and water.  Not a great mix.  His mama and I were pondering if their joyous connection now is a result of them familiarising themselves with each other's comfort zones and finding that happy medium... we're not absolutely sure.  Either way, we love.

It also means for me, that because my lap isn't occupied by one big girl, it's free for the snuggles and cuddles of a tiny brown-eyed boy, which is the highlight of my day when we share company with this gorgeous threesome.

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