Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oct 6th

I love the energy emitted when colouring happens.

And I LOVE that Lucy is now reaching the age where she has the patience to sit and colour for more than a 90 seconds.  I love colouring.  Love it.  My most coveted item as a child (one of the few things I remember from my childhood) was one of those reeeeeeally long packs of colouring pens (felt tips, textas, markers, whatever you call them).  You know, the ones of 50 or so!  Every colour and shade of the rainbow!  I never got one.  The most I had in a pack I think was about 25 and I had to share them with my sisters.  Coveting desire so not met.

I was thinking on this tonight actually, wondering why I hadn't yet fulfilled that childhood desire.  I have done this before.  The soda stream purchase was one of those.  I always, ALWAYS wanted one and we never got one.  So I nailed that desire recently *grin*.  And it felt really good!  Like REALLY good!

I used to do doodle art.  Know the one?  The A5 size sheets of paper with intricate drawings on them that took you HOURS, DAYS to complete.  I did so many of them.  They were one of my big loves.  I came across a colouring book of mandalas for children in the bookstore yesterday.  I purchased partly for Lucy, partly for me.  They are supposed to be a wonderful exercise in calming children who are naturally quite anxious.  Truth be told, I wanted the book just for me.  I haven't explored much about the healing powers of mandalas, but whispers I've heard tells me they're great.  And they're just so beautiful - even without colour!

Lucy opened a late arriving birthday gift today and inside was a book with blank paper for drawing, fabulous crayons of bright, beautiful colours and a pencil case.  We drew our own pictures for a while... "Mum, draw me some goddesses.  But let me do their hair".  Before long, the mandala book called to me... so out it came.  She chose the picture and we coloured together.  It was wonderful.  Then Benji arrived home, I was immediately old news and boring, and I got to colour a mandala all by myself!  *squeeeee!*

I've just come across these links of downloadable mandalas!
I'll share, just in case you get an urge after all this talk of colouring. *smile*

And there's books and kits!

Enjoy xx

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