Monday, October 3, 2011

Oct 3rd

Grateful for an online network of people that let me know when a person I call a dear friend, has taken his life.

Grateful to have learned more about the person he was from those who loved him most.

Grateful to have been one person among the throngs of bodies squeezed into the large space organized to farewell our friend, so that when his wife, his two daughters, his best friend and all his loved ones looked up from the podium after speaking and back from their seats near the front, they knew he was treasured by many.

Grateful to have had a moment of silence, amongst the seventy or so souls in the room, to collectively reflect on our friend and the different ways he touched our lives.

Grateful for the reconnection and warm embraces of dear friends once part of my daily life, that I've not seen in weeks.

Grateful for returning to my car to find it ticket-free, even though I parked in a no standing zone, the only carpark spot I could find in the cluttered streets.

Grateful to have known Wayne.  His smutty jokes, his warm energy, his open heart, his easy friendship, his genuine interest in whomever he is talking to.  His delightful and amusing example of corporate dress.  His smile.  His laugh.  His love.

May you find peace from suffering and anguish now, dear friend.
So many blessings to you on your next journey.

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