Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oct 9th

Just a little something I'm working on for a friend going through a really shitty time.

I am very grateful to have been made aware of a collective creative gift in the making.
It's often the knowledge that we are loved and treasured by others, that help pull us through the really hard times we experience, particularly when we're sitting alone within four walls.

I'm grateful to have people in my love that I feel this way about.  To sit and spend hours planning, creating, imbuing love into a gift and then giving.  If we contemplate the network of people in our lives, these people are everywhere.  We may tell ourselves that they're not.  They're not worthy of our love and attention, our time and money, because they did this or that or made us feel this.  But that's really just our bruised hearts and egos, no?  Our inability to forgive and move on - or even more simply, our inability to forgo judgement and accept a person for who they are.

No one person is perfect.  And of course we can choose to remove ourselves from the hurt and destruction some people some prone to deliver at every turn.  And that's just sensible I think.  But I think the vast majority of grudges and slights we hold on to, we do to preserve some concept of rightness we feel we need in order to keep our pieces together.  I let all my pieces fall apart some years ago.  It actually felt quite liberating after the hard part was over.  Then I got to rebuild myself, putting the pieces back that I wanted and leaving the pieces out that I no longer needed.  One of the things I find I do now, is contemplate a person in the here and now - not as a sum of their past actions.  I truly believe every person is capable of acting from love, despite previous patterns.  And sometimes, they need someone to trust that they are capable of this, in order to believe it themselves.  This is how old paradigms are destroyed and new people are revealed.

A little love, a little trust... and a little gifting never goes astray.

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